Why Minsk

Minsk is the most important city in Belarus. It is the capital of the Republic of Belarus, the administrative, cultural, educational and commercial center of the country.

Minsk hosts: the President, the Parliament, the Government, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, diplomatic services, institutions of science, culture, education, medical and financial institutions.

6 reasons to choose Minsk for investment

Minsk is the largest consumer market of Belarus and Europe. In terms of population it is ahead of Hamburg, Budapest, and Warsaw. Minsk is home to population, which is capable of paying. The average monthly salary in 2014 was 700  US dollars. The average size of bank deposits of individuals is — 6,8 thousand  US dollars thousand US dollars per capita ***.


Minsk is the leader in economic development among the regions of Belarus. It makes up 25% of the gross domestic product *.

Minsk is characterized by a balanced budget. In 2014 the international rating agency Standard & Poor's confirmed the rating of Minsk as “stable” . The rating is favorably affected by high indicators of budgetary performance, neutral level of liquidity and low leverage *****.


Minsk is the most important transport and logistics center in Belarus with a developed infrastructure of road, rail and air transport.

It is located at the intersection of transport corridors connecting Russia with Poland and Ukraine with the Baltic States. Travel time by car to Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, and Poland does not exceed 24 hours.


Minsk is the commercial center of Belarus. There are more than 35 major foreign companies in Minsk. There are more than 48,000 legal entities. Most of the companies are engaged in trade, services, real estate transactions, and industry **.


Foreign direct investment in Minsk in 2014 amounted to about 225 million US dollars. The largest investor countries are Cyprus (29.9%), Russia (23.8%), Lithuania (10.7%), Switzerland (6.9%), Iran (6.1%), China (5.8 %), the United Kingdom (5.2%) and others ****.


20% of the labor force of the Republic of Belarus is concentrated In Minsk. More than 41% of employees have higher education, 33% - vocational or specialized secondary education **. 

Geographic location, paying capability of the population, highly qualified personnel, economic and financial stability among many other factors create favorable conditions for investment.


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